One of the most significant obstacles for any adventure cyclist is the difficulty in securing funding. Receiving the Glasgow University Sports Association’s Chancellor’s Fund gave me the initial support to start my cycling around the world project. Aberdeen University have further contributed some generous funds, helping me to realise my adventure. unilogo_296.png


I am happy to announce that Wildcat Gear are supporting me by providing their awesome bike bags for my adventures. Many thanks Beth! unnamed-3

I am also being supported by Shand, a small independent Scottish bicycle manufacturer, who are currently hand-building  a customised bicycle frame for me. Thanks guys!


It’s hard work looking for sponsors, but if I stand a chance to beat the current record, I believe I cannot compromise with the kit I use and can’t worry about spending money on food and accommodation.

I’ve already approached a few companies that make the kind of gear that would survive the extreme conditions that it’ll need to, but here’s where you all can help! If you’ve got any recommendations for bike packing gear, or know companies that you think might be interested in helping, then please get in touch.


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  1. I have been more than 11 years around the World, cycling (and clowning). Companies that first did not like my project they joined me after I had done some kms (South America 2001-2003 31547 kms) Now is easier to get sponsors but just one advice. You and your dream are your best sponsors.
    Goood luck and do not go to fast or you will miss the point ( I mean the World)

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