Essential Kit

Apidura saddle pack

I love my large Apidura saddle pack, it easily fits an extra jacket, food, a sleeping bag, bivvi bag and a mat. On my ride from Glasgow to Nuremberg I had all my luggage in there. It’s lightweight and well-made and keeps everything relatively dry on wet rides. Things that have to stay absolutely dry are best kept in a plastic bag though.

Testing kit. Picture credit: Katie Noble Photography

Testing kit. Picture credit: Katie Noble Photography

B’twin carbon road shoes

These road cycling shoes have a full carbon sole and ATOP micrometric fastening. Ideal for road cyclists with narrow width feet, like me! The shoes are super light and comfortable and ideal for my training rides but the stiffness of the sole might cause problems, such as numb feet, on longer rides and rougher roads. I am currently looking out for light cyclocross  shoes with laces.

B'twin road shoes

B’twin road shoes

Exposure Diablo

light& garmin set up

Exposure Diablo front light

My new Exposure Diablo front light impressed beyond my expectations! It enabled me to set off at 7am in complete darkness. Even on the lowest setting I was able to clearly see the road in front of me, and the battery life was great too.

Castelli headband


Castelli headband

The Castelli headband is probably the best wee piece of Lycra (and probably the most expensive) I’ve ever owned. Being out on the bike all day means that I need to be prepared for quite a range in temperatures. The headband protects my ears from wind-chill on early mornings and long descents and is small enough to easily put in my jersey pocket when it gets too warm. I often prefer a headband over a skull cap because it keeps my ears warm but my head doesn’t get too hot and sweaty.

Castelli Bib Shorts


Stitching coming away

After a week of riding in my Castelli bib shorts I realised that they were not up to the task. Although the chamois is super comfortable for long rides and the look is great,  the stitching of the chamois came away after a week of riding. I also realised that bibs, in general, are simply impractical on long rides. Having to take off your tops and jackets every time you need a comfort break is a massive time waster.


1 Response to Essential Kit

  1. Hi!
    Nice article! I’m surprised you’re able to stock your sleeping bag, your tent and a mat in your Apidura saddle pack. Could you detail what are the sleeping bag, the tent and the mat you are using?
    Thanks from Canada.


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