Race commitments

This year I am signed up for two long distance races, the TransAtlanticWay Race and the Transcontinental Race, ooft… I said it! :/

After the TransAtlanticWay Race last year I found it difficult to find other races that interested me, nothing seemed to be quite as scenic, challenging and easy to get to. So I ended up taking it easy on the bike and concentrating on recovering from the injuries that I acquired during the race. I also spent the time deciding what races I wanted to do in 2017.

I wasn’t sure what I fancied doing until I thought I had missed the Transcontinental Race deadline and felt absolutely gutted! Luckily I hadn’t missed it and I registered and was fortunate enough to get a place! Whoop! I also signed up to the TransAtlantic way race again. But for some reason I didn’t feel fully committed to those races just yet, there was a little bit of doubt in my mind whether I would be capable of doing these big rides.

Despite this doubt I attended and helped at the Adventure Syndicate Training Camp in Girona. I saw the camp as a perfect way to kick start my training but it did a lot more.


Enjoying the views of this beautiful wee climb

Being surrounded by 25 women who all shared the same passion was a great experience. We were a great mix of people with a range of different ages, different cycling backgrounds, general backgrounds and experiences. Being in such a mixed group enabled us to support each other in different ways. I was able to talk about my concerns and realised that I was not the only one who is at least a little scared of their cycling adventure plans. It inspired me to see everyone else work towards their cycling goals and try to overcome their individual barriers. So I kick started my training and decided to fully commit to my upcoming races.


After climbing Rocacorba

I was also lucky enough to meet John Hampshire, a brilliant coach who offered to help me reach my cycling goals this year!


Wee Girona Training Camp reunion in Glasgow. I think this is John’s mind reading face…  

John listens and observes and provides perceptive feedback. He loves to use data from power recordings to assist with coaching but does not insist upon it.

John’s coaching doesn’t just cover individually tailored training plans but also things like tactics, psychology, and helping manage lifestyle issues. John is also trained in NLP, hypnosis and motivational training. He combines these skills with his excellent knowledge of physiology and training theory to provide a holistic coaching package.

Watch this space for updates on how my training is going.

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1 Response to Race commitments

  1. JP says:

    That’s a tough plan but you can do it. Just don’t get injured in the TransAtlantic, I can see you giving it big licks racing against Juliana, shame I can’t watch as will be busy 😀


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