New challenge

A few days ago I decided to sign up to the TransAtlanticWay race. It’s a self-supported, one stage, 2500km bike race that starts in Dublin on the 17th of June (yes, yes, that’s only two and a half weeks away!) and finishes in Cork via The Wild Atlantic Way, along the west coat of Ireland.

I’ll be given a GPS tracker  for people to follow my progress.

Having only been back on the bike for a little under 4 weeks, I’m trying not to expect too much!


The views made up for the midges!

I feel I’ve only really kick started my training this weekend, when my friend Elizabeth and I went on a bike packing trip on the lovely roads of Argyle! Argyle really knows how to maintain their roads – take note, Glasgow!!! We left on Friday night, and cycled 115km somewhere past Inveraray to camp. I had planned to sleep in my Bivvi bag, but had forgotten how awful nasty midges can be in Scotland, so I gave in and joined Elizabeth in her tent!! The thought of midges in Ireland kept me up half of the night and I decided to sew a midge net on my bivvi bag as soon as I’d get home. The next morning we set off on a 250km ride on predominantly single track roads. 🙂 I was sun burned, tired and itchy when I got home, but I’m glad to have done that the distance! Will I be able to do this sort of distance for 10 days? I don’t know, but that’s the challenge! 🙂 I’ll also be working on building up strength of the ankle muscles. I’m hoping to get another long ride in before the race, who fancies joining me?


Loch Awe


Besides the training, there is a lot of preparation to be done. I’m currently figuring out the best sleeping strategy, as well as looking for super comfortable footwear and a proper waterproof jacket! 🙂 A few months away from the bike also means I’m not used to sitting on a saddle for that long, so I’m also looking into chamois creams. Ladies, do you have any recommendations?


Tiny bed!


Because my ankle is not fully recovered after the break a few months ago it won’t be a good idea to try and properly race the TransAtlanticWay. So I’m planning on taking it relatively easy, but hoping to finish in 10 days. If my ankle causes problems, such a swelling and increased pain, I’m only in Ireland and can easily scratch from the race and come home, to organise my next adventure. 🙂

Ireland is not quite the world, but I’m super excited for this adventure! Bring on the headwinds, rain and hundreds of little climbs (and a midge or 2…)!!!!

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1 Response to New challenge

  1. Qué tal. Me ha agradado analizar tu post. Me ha parecido una exposición muy encantadora, si bien, en determinados trazos difiero un poco de tu juicio.

    He comprobado que tienes más publicaciones, ofrezco tomarme un tiempo para
    estudiarlas. Ten por inequivoco que escoltaré todas tus propagaciones.
    Te felicito por tu espacio web. Un caritativo saludo.


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