Interested in getting involved?

Wow! I have the best friends. Thank you. Why?  I received lots of positive feedback on my first blog posts on my around the world trip!

Some of you wrote asking how you could get involved and help with this little trip of mine, so I thought I’d put a first list together of things that you can do to help make this trip a success. Please send me a message / leave a comment:


  • Do you know the following countries well or have even cycled through them:        Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia (not decided the countries yet)? What areas would you recommend? What areas would you say I should definitely avoid? I could send you my current routes and you could give me feedback based on your local knowledge.
  • If you are a visa expert or have some experience when it comes to getting visas in any of the countries listed above.
  • Do you have experience in bike-packing and know all the best/lightest kit to get? Advice from light weight bike-packing experts would be fantastic!
  • I’m also looking for people who are extremely organised and can help me put together some packages of spares, medication and treats. These will be send to different locations along the route.
  • Do you live near Glasgow and fancy joining me for training rides or weekends away testing kit? Get in touch and we can plan some mini adventures.

Please get in touch if you think you can help in any way.

Thank you so much!


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1 Response to Interested in getting involved?

  1. nicolasraab says:

    Hey Paula!!

    I learnt from you in Instagram and I’m very excited about this challenge! I would love to help you somehow, unfortunately most of my experience doing biketouring comes from Latin America which is not on your list.
    Let me know if I can contribute in any other way, would love to know your roadmap and in how many days are you planning to cover it. When are you planning to leave??
    Big hugs from Oxford and all the luck of your work in this endeavour!
    (if you are coming south for any training or adventure, let me know)



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