Riding around the world fast – getting started

Travelling the world on two wheels takes a lot more preparation than people might think, especially if you want to do it fast or are even trying to do it the fastest. 🙂  Here are some of the themes my preparation revolves around.

Route planning

On previous long distance adventures I would simply follow road signs, ask for directions or use a free navigation app on my phone. Although this approach is fun and maybe a little more adventurous and exciting, it takes a lot of time, since chances to get lost are a lot higher. On a tour from Glasgow to Nuremberg last June I managed to cycle along the wrong river (the Mosel, instead of the Rhein) and headed East towards France. :/ This mistake added 100km on to my journey that day!!!


During my around the world adventure it will be easier and faster just to follow a blue line on my bike computer. To start with I have mapped out rough routes through countries I’d like to visit. These routes will be refined in the coming month. The route will be chosen with consideration for my personal safety, terrain profile, weather conditions, road conditions and local services.


I am coached by Vicky Begg, who has successfully coached other women to complete long-distance cycling challenges. Currently we are working on my endurance, overall strength and establishing my ideal riding pace. Check out my Recent Rides page to see some of my more recent training rides. Short days are forcing me to train on my turbo during the week, two hour turbo sessions are tough but with the right music or TV shows I get through them surprisingly well.

My coach: Vicky Begg

My coach: Vicky Begg

Finding the right kit

For me having the right kit is essential. There is a lot of kit out there and it takes a while to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. I am currently researching and testing kit I’ll be using on my adventure. Quite often I ride with my saddle pack, which can carry an extra jacket and food as well as a bivi bag, sleeping bag and mat.

Testing kit. Picture credit: Katie Noble Photography

Testing kit. Picture credit: Katie Noble Photography

Bike maintenance 

Riding solo means I need to be self-sufficient when it comes to bike maintenance and repair. Nick Green, a Glasgow based bike mechanic is helping me enhance my road side repair skills.


The right diet will be hugely important for this challenge. I will be meeting a Glasgow based dietitian to help me work out my potential calorie expenditure over a day.  My calorie requirements will be broken down into food and drinks that I like or am likely to find in different countries.

Picture from tunedintocycling.com

Picture from tunedintocycling.com

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